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Our Story

Resale, Reimagined with Purpose

We set out to create the first automated sustainable economy that allows you to discover pre-owned items from your favorite influencers. Our pledge is that a minimum of 20% of our proceeds are donated to a charity of the influencer's choice with every purchase.

Our mission is to connect people across the globe and help our community shop more consciously by gaining access to some of the world’s most coveted items. Through a purpose driven marketplace, shoppers can invest in pieces that have a story powered by social responsibility and can be used time and time again.

“ROBE Looks is inspired to do our part in ensuring the environment is preserved for future generations. We recognized the disconnect between sustainability, commerce, social impact, and community. We felt that with a unified approach and community buy-in, we can all collaborate towards making pre-owned goods a perpetual choice while creating a lasting environmental and social impact with every purchase.”

Our Team

Chad Patterson

Co - Founder & CEO

David Kenney


Jack Fuetterer

Influencer Relations Manager

Ronnie Steward

Sr. Strategic Partner

David Fine

Web Design & Digital Director

Purvi Patel

Senior Marketing Advisor

Eric Giler

Board of Directors

Lila Tretikov

Board of Directors

Peggy Khammanotham

Brand Contributor

Michelle Sanchez-Boyce

VP, Influencer Acquisition & Marketing

Stacy Brown-Philpot




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