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We set out to create the first athlete marketplace. A percentage of all proceeds are donated to a charity.


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Agreement between ROBE Looks and [Vendor Name]

This letter memorializes the agreement between you and ROBE Looks regarding the selling of merchandise owned by you, with the sale proceeds to be distributed between you, a charitable organization of your choice, and ROBE Looks.

As the owner of the Merchandise listed on Exhibit A, you represent and warrant that you have legal right and title to sell the Merchandise and that the Merchandise is free of all claims, encumbrances or indebtedness and that it may be sold without violation of any federal, state or other regulations.

Accordingly, you agree to give ROBE Looks the exclusive right to price, market and sell the Merchandise, and the sole and absolute discretion and authority to (a) determine the time and manner of sale and (b) publish descriptions, illustrations, images, photographs and estimated values of the Merchandise on our proprietary online resale platform. In order to successfully sale the Merchandise, you grant to ROBE Looks the rights and permission necessary to use your image, name and likeness in connection with the sale and promotion of the Merchandise in the United States. The owner of the Merchandise will have final rights to inspect and approve the finished materials used in connection with the promotion and sale of the Merchandise before items are release to the public.

In consideration for setting up the online resale platform, facilitating the sale of Merchandise, and presenting the Merchandise in a sophisticated manner to the prospective purchaser, you acknowledge and agree that ROBE Looks shall receive and retain from the proceeds of the sale from each Merchandise an amount equal to 30% of the net sales of the Merchandise. In addition, you acknowledge and agree that ROBE Looks may collect a minimum of 1% or up to 70% of the net sales from the Merchandise to send to your designated charitable organization(s) listed on Exhibit B. The remaining percentage of the net sales of the Merchandise after distribution to the Charitable Organization and ROBE Looks shall be sent to you within fifteen (15) business days after the sale of your Merchandise. The amount sent to you, if any, may not exceed 70% of the net sales, as agreed upon by you and set forth in Exhibit C.

All Merchandise shall be sold by ROBE Looks to at the agreed price without any warranties or representations as to condition or quality. You agree not to withdraw any Merchandise from sale after the date on which we issue you a receipt that ROBE Looks has received the Merchandise at its warehouse. Any items that are not sold will be returned to you within ninety (90) days of the activation date. Beyond insurance coverage for shipping, ROBE Looks assumes no responsibility for any product lost or damaged in transit from seller to ROBE Looks shipping facilities. If you agree to the terms listed above please sign your name in the space below.


Team ROBE Looks


Charitable organization name and address

If you don't have this information on hand, we can sort it out later.


Sales distribution

The net sales from the sold Merchandise shall be distributed as follows:

1. ROBE Looks receives forty percent (30%) of the net sales from the sold Merchandise.

3. The Vendor will receive the remaining percent from the net sales from the sold Merchandise.

Pick one

Thanks for your info.

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